Project designing ,, Energotehnika Ltd. focuses on the design of the field:

Mechanical installations

– heating

– cooling

– air condition

– ventilation

– District heating etc.

Electrical installation

– Measurement of electrical and lightning and issuing expert findings

Energy facilities

Technology Projects (all types of production and services) And other types of projects on order


Within its activities on protection of the environment “Energotehnika” is specialized for making different studies and plans in that field. The company disposes of the equipment for water, air and soil testing. The company can perform the following:

  • Plan of managing and plan of adapting the waste
  • Plan of the activities
  • Proofs for issuing the environmental permit
  • Air testing
  • Soil testing
  • Water testing
  • Laboratory examination of materials

Projecting the equipment for refinement of waste gases and waters.

Measurements and tests

Technical examination:

  • Lightning installation,
  • Electrical installation,
  • Microclimate in facilities,
  • Certification of devices and equipment.

The company has the necessary equipment for measuring and testing and after testing issues certificates. Certificates have a limited validity period in accordance with legal regulations in this field.




Work protection

Work protection and fire protection

Within its activities on work protection and fire protection "ENERGOTEHNIKA performs the following activities:

  • Elaborates on work protection and fire protection, Plan of the work protection and fire protection for industrial companies ,sub-banners-alarms
  • Workers’ education in the field of work protection and fire protection
  • Inspection of machines, devices, electrical installations, lightening conductor installations and attest approval issuing,
  • Inspection and test reports for micro climate on work place,
  • Risk estimation on work place
  • Equipping facilities with the fire protective equipment,

Review and examining the fire protective equipment and devices.