ENERGOTEHNIKA Ltd. was registered in 1999 as a company for design and construction of mechanical and electrical installations. In the very beginning the company employed only 5 workers in a rented office space of 30 m2. In 2006 we expanded our activities and moved to a new location in the street Nikola Tesla No. 6 (settlement Usora), where we are today.

During 2008 ENERGOTEHNIKA became the first and until today the only factory of pre- insulated pipes in Bosnia and  Herzegovina. Capacity expansion and purchase of new working machines, as well as increasing the number of workers required the

extra space, and we begin construction of the current administration building and after that new business halls.

ENERGOTEHNIKA Ltd. today spreads on about 2500 m2 and employs 61 workers. For many years now we own production certification EN ISO 9001: 2008 as well as certificate for pre-insulated pipes and fittings SRPS EN 253: 2015.

The company has since 2014 started the production and installation of package heating substations and also we offer design and construction of all types of works (mechanical, electrical, water and sewage, construction …).

As part of of our activities we offer services in the field of ecology and safety at work. In the last 17 years we have performed large number of works. During this time has been done hundreds of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and technological projects, environmental studies, surveys of fire protection and safety at work, and performed a number of mechanical and electrical installations and measurements and made examination protocols and issued use permits for machinery and devices.

Our primary goal is to meet expectations of customers and business partners, and to establish with them long-term cooperation and good business relations. The goals we want to achieve in the future here are specialization and expansion in foreign markets, and further training of our staff to manage and expand the operations of the company. Our vision is to become a synonym for a company that constantly sets higher standards.


Direktor: Dr Perica Gojković,dipl.eng.mechanic

Assistant director: Gojković Branislava

Assistant Director for Marketing and Commercial Affairs: Ristić Bojana,dipl.inž.saobr.

Head of Legal and General Affairs:        Gojković Slaven,dipl.pravnik

Head of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety:           Tomić Vesna,dipl.inž.znr

Head of the Marketing and Commercial Affairs: Stević Biljana,dipl.inž.saob.

Rukovodilac Službe za finansijsko računovodstvene poslove: Ristić Vesna

Head RJ civil works and installation: Mojsić Milan

Personnel and equipment


Different profiles of technical engineers – civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, engineers of architecture, biologists, work protection engineers, engineer of physics together with modern professional equipment for environment protection, work protection, technical measurements and testing are necessary for quality business activities.

Previous results and references give a clear picture about quality and professionalism of the company.


Beside the equipment for production, the company has mobile equipment and mechanization, building machines and transport means for all kinds of installation works:

  •  remote heating
  • central heating
  • air-conditioning and ventilation
  • works on steel constructions
  • locksmith works
  • water supply
  • sewage
  • electrical installations
  • telephone installations.

In the field of ecology the company has equipment for laboratory testing and measurements in form of semi-automatic and automatic stations, instruments for measuring noise, light and other parameters when it comes to testing quality of water, air and soil, i.e. micro conditions on a workplace.


September, 2009
New business building of Energotehnika finished.

August, 2009
The company expands capacities, buys new equipment for pre-insulated pipes production.

January, 2009
The company acquires ISO 9001 certificate.

July, 2008
The company starts production of pre-insulated pipes and fittings.

October, 2006
The company orientates to providing production services and invests into land and business halls.

March, 2006
New organization, new management and new activities.

Oct 13, 2005
The company preregisters into;Energotehnika; a company for building, production, projecting, technical testing and ecology Ltd. Doboj.

Nov 8, 1999 
Energotehnika Ltd. Doboj registers as a company for engineering, projecting, production and energy plants building.